Welcome to Spotlight Consulting.

Spotlight Consulting designs and facilitates highly interactive skill-based learning solutions for managers, leaders, and teams. Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed hundreds of customized training programs across the US, Europe and Asia. With over 25 different content areas, our workshops focus on a wide range of business challenges and developmental needs of today’s leaders.


What Makes Us Unique: Engaging Solutions, Customized For Each Client

We live in a world where knowledge is at our fingertips. Yet, employees still struggle to move from learning about a skill to changing behavior. We believe that facilitating the content in a way that is engaging, customized, and filled with opportunities to practice makes managers stronger, and in turn their teams and companies at large.

To that end, Spotlight builds long-term client relationships and strong partnerships. Our core values are to do right by the relationship and “go the extra mile” to ensure the best possible client experience. To that end, rather than offer “off-the-shelf” solutions, we customize every program we offer so that it’s tailor-fit to our clients’ culture, priorities, and preferred format. Our size allows us to do that quickly and with agility, and our network of best-in-class Facilitators around the world delivers these fully customized programs globally. We bring our passion, high energy, and a theatrical flair to every course so the content is memorable and comes alive.

We Get Results

We’re proud to say that this approach is making real change. According to a recent impact study of one of our management fundamentals courses:

-Managers improved their knowledge and skills in 10 key performance areas by an average of 74.5 points (on a 0-100 scale)

-92% of direct reports said their managers were better at 1:1s, delegation, communication, feedback, coaching, inspiring confidence, and building their team after attending the course

"On a scale of 1 to 10, Craig is an 11. He is truly a “master trainer.”-Joan Burke, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, DocuSign
"Brian’s insights and research about millennials was extremely informative and helpful for us who struggle to be relevant to today’s younger generations – we hope to re-engage with him in the future."-Ralph Scorpio, Executive Director, Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation
"Craig is a true innovator who has consistently taken our programs to the next level increasing participant engagement and evaluation scores."-Omar Nielsen, Sr. Manager Learning Technologies, Genentech