Our capabilities and expertise  are in the design and facilitation of Management/Leadership training programs and Team building events.

We are equally skilled at designing and facilitating training programs. Some clients have hired us as facilitators to deliver existing content, while others turn to us to design a program and train others to facilitate the program. More times than not, we engage with clients to both custom design and facilitate a program. We have experience and capability to provide end-to-end services in all that goes into creating a high-impact training event. Our process includes:

An initial needs assessment

The initial needs assessment identifies skill gaps and “pain points.” There’s a knack to being able to distinguish between a symptom of a problem and the root cause. Once the underlying root cause is identified, it’s a matter of asking: Is training the best solution? Or, perhaps coaching/feedback are the better solution? Or maybe the problem is best solved by looking at the organizational structure or how people are goaled, rewarded or incented? Or, is it best to have a blended solution in which training is combined with other remedies?

It takes a keen ear, a sharp eye and some thought-provoking questions to uncover the true training needs. We can zoom-in on the root issue and ensure that you wisely spend your training dollars on addressing the issues that really matter.

Information gathering

Information gathering ensures the training is connected to the business and in synch with your organization’s culture, Values and HR processes. No two programs we’ve developed look exactly alike because no two clients are exactly alike. Our business model is not about pushing a warehouse filled with products to a multitude of clients. For us, it’s not a volume game.

Our business is built on a model of working with a select group of clients and building deep and long-term relationships. For us, that means working hard to understand your business and seeing how the training I’m providing connects to your business goals and strategies.

We want our programs to connect to your cultural norms, reinforce your Vision and Values, speak your language and empathize with the “real world” issues faced by the participants who are in the room.

Design of training and team building programs

Our program design maximizes interactivity and experiential learning.

We have experience with a blended model that includes both classroom learning, coaching and web-based learning. In fact, most of the programs we’ve designed can be offered, in modified form, through webinars.

Many of the workshops that are targeted toward Managers can be customized for an Individual Contributor audience as well.

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Creation of participant materials

We create clean, professional participant materials. Workbooks have lots of “white space” for reflection and self-discovery. Clients have the option of having the content converted into their brand and templates.

Facilitation of training and team building programs

Craig has spent many years managing people in the business world, he has two degrees in Education and, outside of work, he’s dabbled in the world of theater. All of these have influenced our style of facilitation.

We work hard to create a safe, comfortable and fun, environment that brings out the best in others.

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Executive coaching

Craig has two decades of experience as a Coach and looks for opportunities to integrate coaching into our training offerings. Here are some examples of how clients have incorporated coaching into their development programs:

  • Each participant of the training program receives a certain number of one-on-one coaching hours with us – or as part of cohort (peers) that we facilitate.
  • Each participant receives feedback from a 360 or multi-rater Assessment – and then meets one-on-one with us to interpret the results and formulate an action plan.
  • One-on-one coaching with high potential leaders who need to “smooth-out a rough edge” or close some skill gaps to prepare for a new role.

Conducting Train-the-Trainers and certifying other Facilitators

We’ve developed a process for certifying both internal and external Facilitators to ensure there’s a consistent quality to the programs being offered at your Company.

With many of my global programs, we’ve tapped into our network to build a cadre of top-notch Facilitators from both Europe and AsiaPac.

As part of this process we’ve created a number of detailed Leader’s Guides.

Evaluating program effectiveness

We have the capability to work with you to create a method of measuring the effectiveness of these training programs that goes beyond the usual “smile sheets” at the end of the program.

Follow-up reinforcement strategies

The learning that occurs in a training workshop is much more likely to “stick” when it’s reinforced back on the job. We work with clients to build a learning process that includes an ongoing reinforcement strategy.

Here are some examples of reinforcement strategies we’ve used with my clients:

  • Participants complete a 30-day Action Plan – including a mechanism for reporting back on their progress.
  • Participants meet with an “Accountability Partner” who serves as a peer coach.
  • The Managers of the participants attend a webinar to understand the program their direct report is about to attend and the expectations placed on them to reinforce the learning. The Manager and participants are encouraged to meet at certain intervals to discuss how the course content can be applied back on the job.
  • Participants engage in an on-line learning site (e.g., Google Site) where cohorts post questions, ideas and learnings. This is a great way to create an ongoing learning community.
  • Participants attend follow-up reinforcement sessions (on phone, web or face to face) 30, 60 or 90 days later.