Our “sweet spot” is designing and facilitating highly customized management/leadership training programs. We’ve developed training programs in over 25 different content areas. The workshops have been presented in a variety of forms: from half or full-day modules to comprehensive training curriculums, from webinars to classroom workshops, and from off-sites with intact teams to open enrollment programs that are part of a corporate university.

We are passionate about increasing an organization’s leadership capabilities by bringing out the best in the managers/leaders that attend our workshops.

Building strong collaborative relationships with our clients is at the cornerstone of our consulting practice. We consistently give our clients our “A game” in the pursuit of excellence every day and with every workshop.

What’s the significance of the name “Spotlight Consulting?”

For starters, Craig wanted a name that reflected the pizzazz and theatrical flair in which he approaches each training workshop. “Spotlight” was a perfect fit in that it served as a metaphor for his belief that training should be learner-centered and the spotlight needs to be on the participants who attend the workshop – a spotlight on their learning, and a spotlight on their issues, challenges and needs.


Craig Garshelis, Owner and Principal

As his business has grown, he’s had the good fortune to work with clients in a variety of business sectors from startups to large global organizations and in 13 different countries.

Nothing builds mastery more than experience and he’s sharpened his expertise in leadership/management development by conducting hundreds of workshops for thousands of employees throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Prior to Spotlight Consulting Inc., he worked as an HR executive and received a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University.

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Brian Garshelis, Management Consultant

Brian Garshelis has dedicated his career to cultivating and developing leaders.Brian has a rich history of designing and facilitating career and leadership development programs for Spotlight Consulting, New Sector Alliance, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and US Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Brian holds a BA in Political Science and Spanish, magna cum laude, from the University of St. Thomas.