We are deeply passionate about increasing an organization’s leadership capabilities by bringing out the best in every leader who attends our workshops. To that end, we build our training programs around these 4 pillars:

1. Connect to your business

The better we understand your business, history and vision, the more we can align the concepts, tools and key messages taught in the workshop to your company’s “real world.” Training in and of itself isn’t going to change a business’s results, but it can serve as a key enabler that just may be the “tipping point” to achieve those results.

2. Involve Senior Management

What gives training credibility and gets people to sit forward in their chairs is the involvement of their own managers and the sponsorship of their senior leaders. We find every opportunity to bring executives into the program in a hands-on way, as sponsors, coaches and teachers.

3. Focus on interactivity

The sad truth is that many people dread sitting through a day of training. They see it as academic or disconnected from their own situation….or worse yet, boring and not a valuable use of their time. We’ve worked hard to prove that perception wrong! We design programs that are lively, well-paced and highly practical. In a word, the key is interactivity. We believe people don’t learn by listening, they learn by doing and through self-discovery. We get people up and moving and involved. They learn by trying out new behaviors on their own, getting some pointed feedback, and trying it again. Through this approach, we have helped people change behaviors and create new habits.

 4. Recognize that learning is a process, not an event

Learning to become an effective leader is like learning a new language: It doesn’t happen with the stroke of a magic wand; it takes time. Our programs have the option of being delivered in modules with interactive activities before, during and after each workshop to form an integrated program. From webinars and coaching to videos and classroom training, we create a custom blend of creative formats and media for the most interesting, impactful and entertaining experience possible. Together they form a high impact learning process.